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Buy it now: You agree to the buy it now price listed above and click on the button. You will then proceed straight to the Escrow stage. Financing and leasing options are available. Contact us for more information.
Make offer: If you do not wish to pay the asking price, you may make an offer on the domain name by completing and submitting the "make an offer" form on this page.
Negotiation: If your offer is not accepted, a counter offer may be offered. This can be accepted or countered again. Just keep in mind that its highly possible you are not the only person negotiating a deal for your domain of interest, and hence it could be sold at any time.
Escrow: Once agreement is reached on the price, the transaction will be carried out using, a licensed and regulated online escrow company. acts like a middle man in the process, holding your payment until ownership of the domain is transferred to you. At that time, and only at that time, the money gets transferred. More on here.
Domain Transfer: Domains can be transferred or pushed to the users desired registrar. Pushing to the same registrar is always quick and free, so that is the recommended route. However, transfers will be accommodated but the buyer will be responsible for any additional fees incurred. More information will be provided about this step on request.

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